Legàmi Brooch


Brooch made by hand using the paper-porcelain technique, a special mixture created by mixing paper with porcelain and pigment that gives it its black colour. The result is surprisingly light and delicate but at the same time resistant because the material is fired at a very high temperature (1250 degrees). The gilding is done with gold lustre.
The metal part is handmade in sterling silver.

The brooch is a unique piece available to order.
Its production will take 7 working days.


Curiosity, questions? Write me at info@elisabettanevola.it


Additional information


3,5 cm


4,5 cm


Freshwater pearls, Gold lustre, Oxide, Paper-porcelain, silver


The patina that gives the brooch its black colour is created by subjecting the metal to an oxidation treatment, which may fade over time.
Each piece is entirely handmade and therefore unique. For this reason, identical copies cannot be obtained. Furthermore, any slight difference must be considered as a peculiar characteristic of the object itself.


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