Flora pink peach


Necklace handcrafted in paper porcelain and silver.

The paper-porcelain is a particular mixture create by mixing paper with porcelain in its semi-liquid state. When necessary I add a ceramic pigment to give it a specific colour. he result is surprisingly light and delicate but at the same time resistant because it is fired at a very high temperature (1250 degrees). For this necklace, I have used a specific percentage of pigment to obtain a peachy pink colour.
The cups and clasps are in Sterling silver.

The necklace is a unique piece, available for shipping.

Other colours are also available on request.


Curiosity and questions? Write me at info@elisabettanevola.it

Additional information


800 silver, Paper-porcelain, pigment


47 cm


15 gr

features and care

Each piece is entirely handmade and therefore unique. For this reason, identical copies cannot be obtained. Furthermore, any slight difference must be considered as a peculiar characteristic of the object itself.
It is possible to clean the porcelain elements, should they become dirty over time, with a soft brush, water and neutral soap.


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