Leggerezza zig-zag


" La delicatezza è la sua forza "

Collana girocollo, modulare

Porcellana di Limoges, pigmenti ceramici, argento 800 e nylon

Disponibile in bianco, rosso o  nero. I tempi di realizzazione e spedizione sono di 10 giorni lavorativi.

Curiosità e domande?

Scrivimi a info@elisabettanevola.it

Additional information


42/45 cm


Nude Limoges porcelain
ceramic pigment
gold lustre
silver 800
nylon thread

Features and care

Each piece is entirely handmade and therefore unique. For this reason, identical copies cannot be obtained. Furthermore, any slight difference must be considered as a peculiar characteristic of the object itself.
It is possible to clean the porcelain elements, should they become dirty, with a soft water and mild soap brush.
The silver part can be cleaned with water, baking soda and a gentle cloth.


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