Handmade earrings in paper porcelain and silver.

Paper-porcelain is a special mixture created by mixing paper with porcelain in its semi-liquid state, sometimes adding a ceramic pigment to give it a specific colour. The result is surprisingly light and delicate but at the same time resistant because the firing of the material takes place at a very high temperature (1250 degrees). For these earrings I used a pigment which gives them a lilac pink colour.
The cups and the clasps are in silver 925.

The earrings are one of a kind and are ready for shipping.

Other colours are also available on request.


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0,7 cm


1,5 cm


925 silver, Paper-porcelain, pigment


Each piece is entirely handmade and therefore unique. For this reason, identical copies cannot be obtained. Furthermore, any slight difference must be considered as a peculiar characteristic of the object itself.
It is possible to clean the porcelain elements, should they become dirty over time, with a soft brush, water and neutral soap.


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